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What our parents say

"I always recommend Superkids to everyone - by far the best lessons around!"

"Thanks for a great lesson, Elissa was definitely more engaged than her previous lessons, it was so good to see her swimming (rather than walking!) & I really valued your approach & focus. I was amazed in one lesson how much she progressed with your approach."


Parent & Child

For 12 mths - 3 years there are Parent & Child classes where you or another adult are in the water & the instructors are ASA qualified specialising in teaching under 5s. In these classes we use songs & rhymes to encourage the children to blow bubbles & gain confidence in the water. We also use animal floats & noodles to encourage the children to kick their legs. These classes are held at Marian Vian School during the day. This is a small school pool, 0.75m deep & we have exclusive use. Because it is a school pool the changing facilities are very basic but the water is warm & an ideal depth for young ones to learn to swim.

Please note - These classes are only held at Marian Vian School

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