Covid-19 and Risk Awareness Policy

The personal safely of all our swimming community including swimmers, parents/guardians, instructors and all others working with us is of paramount importance to Superkids Swimming School.

The purpose of this document is to reassure and explain how we will follow the most up to date advice and best practices to minimise any risk from COVID-19 to anyone engaged with us during our delivery of swimming lessons.

How we will minimize the risk to keep you safe

Joe Sterry and Margaret Rick are the appointed COVID-19 officers and will ensure Superkids Swimming School follow the most up to date guidance from both the Government and the swimming industry Governing bodies, for the safest and best practice delivery of swimming lessons. Along with Bromley High, Dartford Grammar, Dulwich Prep and Warlingham Schools, we will work together to minimalize any risk wherever possible.

Safety measures will include -

Ensuring we are all safe to learn to swim, teach, and support each other by:
  • Requiring all our instructors and staff to declare themselves fit and well to teach, and that they have no reason to believe they have been in close contact with anyone who has shown symptoms of COVID-19 within the last 14 days.
  • Ensuring none of our staff have travelled outside the country without following current government self-isolating advice on their return.
  • Ensuring all our staff have undertaken relevant COVID-19 training and are updated with current policies, safety procedures and teaching methods to ensure the safe delivery of lessons.
  • Educating all our community, including swimmers, parents/guardians on relevant procedures and policies to keep us all safe.
  • Requiring all swimmers/parents to self-declare they are physically well at the time of booking lessons.
  • Remain physically well on entering the building before every lesson and have had no contact with others who are / or are themselves showing symptoms of COVID-19 ie: cold, fever, loss of sense of smell or taste or any other recognized pre-curser.
Observing current social distancing measures by:
  • Following and encouraging current social distancing measures are observed wherever possible, from entry to the swimming block, changing rooms, lessons, and post swim to exiting the facility.
  • Ensuring that only one adult accompanies their swimmer to limit numbers in changing rooms and/or on school grounds to ensure practical distancing measures.
  • Providing signage and markings to help support social distancing from arrival to departure.
  • Where social distancing might prove difficult, alternative measures will be advised/endeavoured, such as giving way to others, alternative stances to avoid face to face contact, and/or use of PPE.
Following all cleaning/sanitising and other general recommendations by:
  • Assuring you of the scientific advice as to the safety of swimming in appropriately treated and chlorinated water - such as at Bromley High, Dartford Grammar, Dulwich Prep and Warlingham School pools. For more information on Water and Covid-19, please visit;
  • Superkids Swimming School customers will be asked to bring in own mask to use when in changing areas or travelling within the school building to access the changing areas.
  • Ensuring changing rooms and poolside are cleaned/sanitised regularly.
  • Restricting the sharing of equipment, including the borrowing of swimming hats/goggles.
  • Ensuring any teaching equipment is sanitized between classes For more information on chlorine and cleaning re Covid-19, please visit;
  • Minimizing the use of changing for lessons by encouraging swimmers to come to the pool with swim wear under their clothes and avoiding use of showers.
  • Ensuring toilet facilities (which should be used on an urgent basis only) will cleaned/sanitized regularly
Our commitment to openness and honesty

We appreciate it may be worrying not knowing if there might be others around you who might unknowingly prove a risk to you. Superkids Swimming School will encourage complete openness and honesty from all our community. ‘Trace and Track’ will be in place.

How you can help us keep everyone safe

Superkids Swimming School ask and expect all our community to follow current Government advice on measures to limit the spread of COVID-19. Within the pool setting this means we request you read the information sheet specific to the venue you are attending. These information documents will be emailed to all swimmers prior to the start of the term and are also in the Venues section on the Superkids Swimming School website.

General requests include:
  • Do not come to the pool if you or a family member feel unwell or show any symptoms of COVID-19
  • Advise us if your swimmer of family member has become ill with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 as soon as possible.
  • Remind swimmers on the reasons and importance of distancing and following new rules.
  • Bring swimmers to the pool ready to swim (swimwear under robe or clothes).
  • Explain to children why they should not swap or share equipment.
  • Teach children to cough or sneeze into their elbow and to turn away from other in doing so.
  • Teach swimmers to put swimming hats on and adjust their goggles without help
  • Shower at home before and after lessons
  • Use toilets at home before leaving. Facility toilets should be used on an ‘urgent’ basis only.
It should be noted

Whilst the risks are very small indeed, using all best practices does not completely guarantee communicable diseases, such as but not limited to COVID–19 will not be present in any facility; that people actively infected might not be present in the facility; nor that a person cannot contract COVID–19 or other communicable diseases from persons or contact within a facility.

This policy will be reviewed monthly or immediately following any change of advice.