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What our parents say

"Can I take this opportunity to feedback how impressed and delighted we are with your fantastic swimming lessons and instructors. Our son has had weekly lessons since he was approx 14 months old and before joining your lessons only in January his progress, attitude and willingness towards swimming was not great! To say the least!!! Moving him to Superkids was the best decision my husband and I made! He now LOVES going swimming! I think it really helps that the lessons in his words are in a big pool for adults. It just proves, put a child in the right environment with a good instructor and not too many other children and a child will succeed if given the right encouragement! On only his 2nd week, he hit a personal HUGE achievement swimming the length of the pool doing backstroke! 25m?? Only previously done 5m at most previous to that! A very proud moment for both my husband and I. He even surprised himself that evening and ever since his attitude and effort to learn and continue to improve has been demonstrated each week!!"

"May I take this opportunity to express our delight of how well Mya is progressing at Superkids. Mya was quite nervous of the water touching her face, prior to commencing her weekly lessons; and now she never wants to leave the pool and cannot wait for her next lesson. "


Swimming Lessons Terms and Conditions

To help promote a safe learning environment we would ask you to read and comply with the following guidelines. Failure to do so may result in your lessons being withdrawn and a refund will not be eligible in these circumstances.

All booking is online & must be made by the penultimate lesson of the current term. Payment for the new term must be paid by the last lesson of the current term. If you will be absent at this time please ensure that you notify us & arrange an alternative payment date.

Failure to book & pay by the due dates may result in your place being allocated to another swimmer & if there is a space still available, only full-term payment will be accepted.

Half term payments must be paid by the date indicated on the term date list. Failure to do so will result in the half term payment option being withdrawn.

Autumn 2020 - All swimming lessons are 25 minutes long and are booked and paid for in advance.

Cheques returned unpaid will incur a cash administration charge of £10.00

In the event a swimmer is unable to attend due to holiday or sickness - including the need to self-isolate for any reason, we are unable to offer credits.

If a pool is closed for whatever reason and Superkids arrange a make-up session at the end of term no refunds will be given as provision for the missed lesson has been provided.

STRICTLY NO WOMEN or GIRLS aged 8 and over are allowed in the boys, and NO MEN or BOYS aged 8 and over are allowed in the girls changing room.

Please ensure your child/children wear the correct swimwear – one-piece swimsuits for girls and trunks (not shorts) for boys.

All swimmers must wear a swimming hat & no jewellery is allowed. Replacement hats are charged at £3 each. Autumn 2020 – children must arrive with their hats and goggles on as teachers cannot help them.

Please ensure you arrive promptly as lateness disrupts the class. If you are more than 10 minutes late you may be refused entry to the lesson. Consistent lateness may result in your lessons being cancelled.

Under no circumstances must your child enter the water until instructed by the teacher.

We cannot guarantee the same lesson time or teacher from term to term.

Parents/Guardians MUST stay within the school grounds and be contactable during the lesson. Autumn 2020 only 1 adult per swimming family and only siblings who are swimming in the lessons are to attend.

Please ensure your child has not eaten for at least 90 minutes before the lesson.

Please do not bring children that are feeling unwell to the pool. If a child has had a vomiting or diarrhoea type bug they must have been completely clear for at least 48 hours before returning. If your child is ill in the pool and it has to be closed, any charges incurred by Superkids will be passed on to you, the parent.

Autumn 2020 – no overshoes will be available, you must bring your own clean flipflops or go barefoot if you are in the pool building.

No responsibility can be taken for loss or damage to valuables or possessions. Vehicles are left at owners risk whilst on school premises.

Please note that ‘Superkids Swimming School’ retain the right to accept, refuse and cancel membership at any time and for whatever reason without a refund.

Revised August 2020